Granby Energy Assistance

October 23, 2009

Last week I read an interesting article in the Register Citizen about the Granby Board of Education’s initiative to save on heating costs by turning the thermostat in schools down one degree from 68 to 69. The board estimated that they could save up to $40,000 just by making this small change. I certainly applaud their innovative approach to finding additional savings and I think they are on the right track. Many of us have already taken similar steps to lower our home energy bills.

This year, in addition to our normal energy assistance program, the state announced the release of four million dollars in federal stimulus funds to help homeowners and businesses pay for the installation of solar-powered hot water heating systems. Solarization is an expensive project, but yields incredible long term results. The state Department of Socials Services has a similar Weatherization Assistance Program that provides an energy audit for qualifying homeowners and renters to determine weatherization projects tailored specifically to their home. Cash assistance is then provided to help make the necessary changes to anything from heating system tune-ups to the installation of new doors and windows.

Apart from weatherization and energy savings incentive programs, the state also provides traditional energy assistance to eligible individuals through the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program and the Connecticut Heating Assistance Program. The application site in Granby is at the Granby Social Services office located at 15C North Granby Road. Their phone number is: 844-5351.

Operation Fuel provides up to $500 for home heating bills to qualifying seniors with income less than $48,800 and married seniors with income less than $63,800. In order to help you identify potential assistance and savings, I have available on my website,, an easy to use interactive tool detailing government and utility sponsored programs to help you lower your energy costs and usage.

For more information about the Solar Thermal Incentive Program, visit, call (860)563-0015 or e-mail [email protected].