Statement from Senate Minority Leader John McKinney on Republican No-Tax-Increase Budget

August 6, 2009

“The Senate Republican Caucus remains in unanimous agreement with Governor Rell and our colleagues in the House Republican Caucus that the best budget for Connecticut is one that makes government live within its means and does not raise taxes. This budget accomplishes that.

“A massive tax increase, like the one proposed by legislative Democrats, is the wrong direction for our state and will only result in further job losses, business closings and home foreclosures.

“We applaud and support Governor Rell for her leadership in fighting those massive tax increases and reaching across the aisle to propose a compromise. We regret that Democrat leaders have so far failed to reciprocate by agreeing to responsible spending reductions.

“The state of Connecticut needs a budget. As negotiations continue, additional efforts must be made to reduce spending, eliminate bureaucratic waste and make government more efficient.”