State Senator Len Fasano Joins Governor Rell As She Signs Cluster of Bills Protecting Connecticut’s Veterans

August 5, 2009

Wallingford, CT – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) joined with Governor M. Jodi Rell at the Wallingford VFW today as she signed into law four bills protecting and expanding some of the rights of Connecticut’s veterans. In a special bill-signing ceremony Governor Rell signed the following bills into law:
Senator Fasano looks on as Governor Jodi Rell signs into law four bills protecting rights of veterans at the Wallingford VFW Wednesday.

Senator Fasano looks on as Governor Jodi Rell signs into law four bills protecting rights of veterans at the Wallingford VFW Wednesday.

  • Public Act 09-176: An Act Concerning the Disabled Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption
  • Public Act 09-117: An Act Concerning the Eligibility for Benefits for Veterans in Service in Time of War
  • Public Act 09-90: An Act Concerning the Award of Ribbons & Medals to Veterans for Service in Time of War & Concerning Funeral Honor Guards for Deceased State Officers and Members of the General Assembly
  • Public Act 09-163: An Act Concerning the Military Family Relief Fund

“It is an honor to have Governor Rell come to Wallingford to sign these important bills into law today,” said Senator Fasano. “I have a tremendous respect for our veterans and whether it’s financial assistance or providing the proper honors at a veterans’ funeral, I believe that we owe the brave men and women who have served our country faithfully the very best. I am proud to be here today as these laws are signed and hope this legislation serves to guarantee some of the protections and benefits our veterans deserve.”

Senator Fasano currently serves as a Ranking Member on the General Assembly’s Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs which has cognizance of all matters relating to military and veterans’ affairs, except veterans’ pensions.

One of the bills signed into law today, PA 09-176, addresses an issue particularly important to Senator Fasano – financial relief for veterans. Prior to the passage of PA 09-176, a veteran claiming the disabled veterans’ property tax exemption was required to submit proof of his or her disability each year. Now, under PA 09-176, disabled veterans who submit proof of his or her U.S. Veterans’ Administration (VA) disability rating to the town assessor must do so only once. Veterans seeking the exemption will only have to re-submit proof of disability if the VA changes their status. The property tax exemption ranges from $1500 to $3000.

“The passage of PA-176 is a victory for disabled veterans,” said Senator Fasano. “To have to prove year in and year out that you are eligible for the tax exemption is both time consuming and unnecessary. During these tough economic times it is especially important to me that our servicemen and women have very easy access to any and all benefits they have earned through their hard work and dedication to serving our country. A tax exemption like this is, I’m sure, a welcome break and I am confident this new legislation will make it much easier for veterans to take full advantage of this benefit.”