Rep. D’Amelio, Sen. Kane to Host July 16th Public Forum in Middlebury on State Budget Stalemate

July 9, 2009

State Representative Anthony J. D’Amelio and state Senator Rob Kane will host a public forum on the state budget stalemate Thursday, July 16th at the Shepardson Community Center auditorium, 1172 Whittemore Road in Middlebury beginning at 7 p.m.

The discussion is expected to focus on tax and spending issues that will need to be resolved before bi-partisan agreement on a new two-year budget can be achieved. The forum is intended to answer questions about the budget and seek suggestions on how to resolve the impasse. All points of view are welcome, the legislators said.

“With Connecticut’s economy still mired in a deep recession, the state’s unemployment rate at 8 percent, and people struggling to stay current on their mortgages and provide for their families, the final budget the state legislature adopts will affect everyone who lives in Middlebury and Waterbury,” said Representative D’Amelio, R-71st District. “Governor Rell and Republican legislators are concerned that the $2.25 billion in tax increases the majority Democrats want to impose on employers, individuals and families will deepen and prolong the recession, and lead to more business failures and job losses. In contrast, Republican legislators and Governor Rell are supporting an alternative budget that that does not raise taxes, is balanced, preserves all municipal aid, and helps stimulate the economy and create jobs.”

“As we head into the summer months without having passed a budget within the time constraints of the regular session, I feel it is important we as legislators provide our constituents with the opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and concerns with the unusual situation the state is facing. This budget forum will also allow residents to ask questions regarding the potential tax and spend package that will ultimately be approved and implemented,” said Senator Kane, R-32nd District.