Senator Kissel Lauds Enfield Bridge Project, Attends Groundbreaking

June 23, 2009

Enfield structure is first bridge project funded with federal “stimulus” money
Sen. John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) joined Governor M. Jodi Rell at the ceremonial groundbreaking of Connecticut’s first bridge project being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The event occurred on Monday, June 22nd at the Route 5 Bridge in Enfield near exit 49 on Interstate 91 (near the Massachusetts boarder). The $4.7 million project is designed to refurbish the 50 year old existing structure that will create a safer roadway for travelers. In addition, the project seeks to put more people to work as much of the construction will be handled by local contractors.

“The residents of Enfield should feel honored that the first bridge project in the state being funded with federal stimulus money is happening here,” said Sen. Kissel. “While this is certainly a structure that needs to be reconditioned, there is something to be said about why it was chosen first. I think a lot has to do with hard work of local residents and officials who made a strong case that this is the type of project that deserves federal stimulus money in a community that is doing everything it can to turn the economy around.”

According to Sen. Kissel, it estimated that approximately 30,000 vehicles use the bridge on a daily basis. Governor Rell indicated that while construction, which will raise the minimum clearance of the bridge from 14 to 16 feet and rehabilitate the deck and superstructure would take a couple of years, the road would remain open to traffic.

“Improving our nation’s infrastructure is exactly what the federal stimulus money was designed to do,” said Sen. Kissel. “I am very pleased that Enfield will be a beneficiary of this funding that will hopefully go a long way in helping our local economy as well.”