Senator Kane Secures Highway Signs For “Connecticut Antiques Trail” Legislation Calls For Installing Signs At Exits 15 East & West On I-84 In Southbury

June 18, 2009

State Senator Rob Kane (R-32) successfully proposed legislation this year that calls for the state Department of Transportation to post signs at exits 15 east and west on I-84 in Southbury for the Connecticut Antiques Trail.

“As everyone who lives in our part of the state already knows, this is the place to come if you love shopping for antiques. We want to make sure that people travelling through here know where to find our antiques shops and dealers, and I am certain that posting these new informational highway signs will help.” said Senator Kane, adding that efforts to help the antiques businesses will also benefit other types of economic development in the region.

Senator Kane said he sought legislation for the informational highway signs with the support of area antique dealers and government officials. The requirement for the signs is included in House Bill 6649, An Act Concerning The Programs And Activities Of The Department Of Transportation (PA 09-186). Senator Kane said that posting the signs should be the beginning, and not the end, of efforts to promote the region as the Connecticut Antiques Trail.

“The fact is that bringing more people to the region to patronize antiques businesses will also help other businesses in the area. For example, people visiting the antiques shops may also stop for gas and have lunch or dinner somewhere nearby. They might need something else while they’re here and buy something in a grocery story or a pharmacy, maybe stop for coffee. All of this will have a powerful, positive, effect on the area’s economy,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane said that, while he is delighted that the state will post Connecticut Antiques Trail highway signs in Southbury, he said that more can and should be done to promote the antiques businesses in the area.

“The communities of the 32nd Senatorial District have a great deal to offer people who enjoy antiques. Posting signs at exit 15 on I-84 in Southbury is a terrific way to let people know what is waiting for them just off the highway. But, we can do more to promote all the dealers and shops along our antiques trail through so many of the communities in this region and I look forward to contributing to those efforts,” said Senator Kane.