Senator Kane Expresses Disappointment Regarding 2009 Legislative Session

June 8, 2009

General Assembly’s Failure To Pass State Budget & Establish Senate Ethics Process A Disservice To Connecticut Residents

State Senator Rob Kane (R-32) today said Connecticut residents need to be reassured that the General Assembly will accomplish more during its special summer session than it did during the regular legislative session.

“We are in the midst of a serious recession, thousands of people have lost their jobs, unemployment is at 7.9 percent, our existing state budget is in deficit, and we are looking at a projected budget deficit for the next two years of close to $9 billion. Following a five month long legislative session, there is no definitive plan to close the existing budget deficit, and with just a few weeks left until the beginning of the next fiscal year, no agreement on a new state budget. The people who elected us deserve better,” said Senator Kane, a member of the General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee.

Senator Kane said that state residents also should be asking why the State Senate Democratic majority rejected a Republican proposal to establish a permanent bipartisan committee to handle ethics complaints regarding state senators.

“I was disappointed when only one Democratic Senator joined the Republicans in voting for this sensible resolution. I believe that most people, if asked, would agree that it makes sense for us to have a permanent bipartisan procedure in place to deal with ethics complaints filed against us,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane characterized the regular session as disappointing.

“I was disappointed by the Democratic majority’s insistence on pushing through legislation Connecticut cannot afford and legislation that most people do not support. Meanwhile, legislation intended to help us recover from the recession, such as my proposal to help along planned improvements at Oxford Airport, were left by the wayside. It is my hope that, once we have a new state budget in place, the General Assembly will have a more productive and beneficial legislative session in 2010,” said Senator Kane.

Meanwhile, Senator Kane said he is committed to working in a bipartisan manner to pass a state budget by the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1st.

“I remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner with the Governor and legislators to pass a budget that is in the best interests of our state. In the end, the best budget for Connecticut would be one that refrains from imposing massive tax increases, and that strives to reinvent state government as smaller, more efficient and less expensive. This is the type of responsible state budget that I will continue to support,” said Senator Kane.