State Senator Michael McLachlan Seeks Assistance from State for Workers Laid Off from Mannkind Corporation

April 7, 2009

Hartford, CT – State Senator Michael McLachlan (R-Danbury) this week reached out to the state Department of Labor Commissioner Patricia Mayfield asking her to begin providing assistance to the employees recently laid off from biopharmaceutical company Mannkind. Senator McLachlan has requested that the Department of Labor dispatch its Rapid Response Team to immediately begin educating laid off employees on job assistance, unemployment benefits and training.

“At the end of last week the federal government unveiled a staggering bit of data and announced the United States has lost about 2 million jobs since the start of 2009 alone,” said Senator McLachlan. “And I was sorry to learn that some of those job losses were right here in Danbury at Mannkind. However, I am encouraged to know that Department of Labor and Commissioner Mayfield are monitoring the situation so closely and will be ready to deploy any and all resources to help these laid off employees.”

The State Department of Labor has informed Senator McLachlan that it will be reaching out to Mannkind to offer assistance in the wake of the layoffs.

“Now more than ever it is critical we all work together and I am happy to report that the state Department of Labor is ready to help mitigate the impact of these layoffs. I urge all those affected employees to take full advantage of any assistance that is provided to them,” said Senator McLachlan.
Mannkind Corporation focuses on drug research and development for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. In addition to its Danbury offices, Mannkind has offices in California and New Jersey.