State Senator Michael McLachlan Honors Students from 24th District

April 3, 2009

2nd Grade, 5th Grade Groups Recognized for Innovative Computer Projects

Hartford, CT – State Senator Michael McLachlan (R-Danbury) Wednesday welcomed eight students from the 24th District to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford for the 14th annual K-12 Technology Exposition hosted by the Connecticut Educators’ Computer Association (CECA). As part of the exposition, the students from the South Street School in Danbury displayed projects they developed using various computer technologies. The students also had the opportunity to share their projects and techniques with students from across the state.

“I am so glad to have had the chance to spend some time with these youngsters this week,” said Senator McLachlan. “Not only is their enthusiasm for the projects contagious, but they have such talent and skill with these new technologies. It was so impressive, if not a bit humbling, to have 2nd and 5th graders teaching me a thing or two about computers!”

The South Street School sent a 2nd Grade group and a 5th Grade group to the expo. Senator McLachlan spent some time with the two groups on Wednesday and learned directly from the students how they came up with the ideas for their projects and how they put them together. Senator McLachlan also surprised the students with special citations for their achievements.

The 2nd Grade group from South Street Elementary School worked on a project called “Fluency in Poetry.” The group used the Macintosh computer program Garageband, a virtual recording studio, to produce podcasts in which the students read their own stories and poems. The 5th Grade group used the Macintosh computer program iMovie to produce a movie answering the question “What contributions have the Cherokee Indian Tribe made to our lives today?” The students researched the tribe and edited images and sound to create an interactive presentation.

Margie Jones, a teacher at the South Street School, helped facilitate the presentations at the expo. “It’s so wonderful to see the students so excited about learning,” said Mrs. Jones. “With these projects, and the expo, the students have a chance to sharpen the essential computer skills that they will rely on and build on for the rest of their lives. We’re so thrilled Senator McLachlan took the time to meet with the students and support their hard work.”

“Technology has come so far in such a short period of time and these students, thanks to such dedicated educators and groups like CECA, are incredibly well-prepared for the future,” said Senator McLachlan. “As a former South Street student myself, I know the students are getting a top-notch education and look forward to the bright futures that are surely ahead of them.”

The students who participated in the expo are:

2nd Grade Group

Alex Pane
Khori Frances
Hailey Vasquez
Kayla Robinson

5th Grade Group

Angie Tovar
Jemecca Perkins
Carolibeth Espinal
Teona Smith
Keren Silva * unable to attend expo
Emily Espinal * unable to attend expo

The CECA is a non-profit organization which aims to improve education through technology and coordinates with regional and national organizations. For more on CECA, visit

Senator McLachlan represents the 24th District communities of Danbury, Bethel, New Fairfield and Sherman. His press secretary is Rachel Reese. She may be reached at 860.240.8865 or via email at [email protected].