State Senator Len Fasano, State Senator Andrea Stillman Applaud Denial of Broadwater Appeal

April 13, 2009

Hartford, CT – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) and State Senator Andrea Stillman (D-Waterford) today applauded the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision to deny the appeal made by Broadwater Energy after the company was denied its request to build a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Long Island Sound. The decision by the Department of Commerce upheld a previous action by the State of New York denying Broadwater Energy’s application.

“Today’s decision by the federal government only affirms what so many along Connecticut’s shoreline have been fighting for for months,” said Senator Fasano. “There can be no debate that the LNG terminal would have had an extremely harmful effect on the delicate ecology of Long Island Sound and would also have eroded the natural beauty and vitality of Connecticut’s coastline. With the denial of this appeal, I hope we can finally begin to move forward with developing responsible energy solutions that won’t leave a lasting, negative impact on our environment.”

“Today’s announcement underscores my long-held conviction that the environmental, aesthetic, and economic value of Long Island Sound must not be undermined by the Broadwater proposal or any other development that would jeopardize the Sound’s integrity or security,” said Senator Andrea L. Stillman. “It’s gratifying to know the federal government has now formally agreed with Connecticut and New York to reject what I hope is Broadwater’s last gasp and sink this idea once and for all.”

Senator Fasano and Senator Stillman share a strong history as supporters of the health of Long Island Sound and the fight against Broadwater. Both served as co-chairs of Governor Rell’s Long Island Sound LNG Task Force established during the first stages of Broadwater Energy’s effort to build a floating liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound. That proposal, due in large part to the recommendations of the LNG Task Force, was initially defeated last year.

Going forward, both Senator Fasano and Senator Stillman stand in favor of SB 1078: An Act Establishing A Bi-State Long Island Sound Commission. If passed, the bill would repeal the Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Resources Committee and replace it with a Bi-State Long Island Sound Commission. The Commission would be charged with reviewing and monitoring all issues involving Long Island Sound, specifically environmental and ecological concerns.