Senator Kane Says “No” To Democrats’ Irresponsible State Budget Proposal

April 3, 2009

Votes Against Proposed Spending Plan Approved By Appropriations Committee

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) said he voted against the spending plan approved by the General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee, and will continue to oppose the two-year state budget plan proposed by majority Democrats.

“I cannot support the budget proposal it is currently written. If the Democrats are successful in forcing this irresponsible state budget on Connecticut, our state will still be in trouble long after the economy turns around. The Democrats would like you to believe that their plan includes budget cuts. It doesn’t. It does include tax increases that none of us can afford and, even worse, calls for borrowing to close this year’s budget deficit. It is my hope that, in the end, we will adopt a budget that includes real budget cuts and makes other necessary changes to how we run state government,” said Senator Kane.

Both the Appropriations and Finance, Revenue & Bonding committees gave their approval to spending and revenue proposals advanced by the legislature’s Democratic majority. Senator Kane is a member of the Appropriations Committee.

“People are losing their jobs, businesses are closing, and the General Assembly’s Democrats think the right response is to call for $3.3 billion in property, income, business and sales taxes over the next two years. I find it hard to believe state residents will think well of us for doing this to them. They expect us to find ways to make do with less, just like they are. That means cutting the size of government, something that this budget proposal does not even come close to doing,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane joined other Republican legislators in expressing his frustration at the Democrats’ unwillingness to work with them in a bipartisan manner to develop a state budget.

“We Republicans want to contribute to crafting a state budget that reinvents government and provides necessary services at a cost taxpayers can afford. That means being willing to make hard decisions about cutting spending and avoiding tax increases. It does not mean telling Connecticut citizens that we’re making budget cuts, when we’re not. And, it certainly does not mean borrowing to pay for operating expenses, and imposing unaffordable, unconscionable, tax increases,” said Senator Kane.

Highlights of the Democrats’ proposed budget include:
• Tax increases on profitable corporations that employ thousands
• A 20 percent income tax hike starting at $132,500, and additional tax hikes on higher brackets
• Broadening the state income tax
• Elimination of property tax credits for middle-class taxpayers
• No consolidation of governmental agencies to reduce costs as proposed by Governor Rell and Republicans