Senator Kane Announces Federal Funding For Local Energy Efficiency Projects

April 27, 2009

All Towns In 32nd Senatorial District To Share In Federal Stimulus Grants

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) said all towns in the 32nd Senatorial District are set to receive federal stimulus funds for energy efficiency projects under a block grant plan Governor M. Jodi Rell will submit for legislative review.

“Towns that have not already heard the good news will be getting letters from the state in the very near future. The money will be available for a wide variety of energy efficiency projects, but the towns will be required to apply for the funds and explain how they plan to spend it. Towns receiving these grants will have to either spend the money or fully commit the funds within two years of getting them,” said Senator Kane.

Area towns set to receive Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act include:

• Bethlehem – $35,276
• Bridgewater – $30,455
• Middlebury – $45,999
• Oxford – $61,273
• Roxbury – $31,715
• Seymour – $72,024
• Southbury – $81,979
• Thomaston – $47,638
• Watertown – $89,074
• Woodbury – $52,954

Also, municipalities that participate in regional energy efficiency and conservation projects can apply for additional funding from a “bonus pool.”

“Towns will be able to spend their grants for projects such as energy conservation transportation projects, greenhouse gas reduction, developing energy efficient building codes and geothermal building systems. Governor Rell is encouraging towns to use the grants for projects that fit within the framework of the state’s energy policy,” said Senator Kane.

Under state law, Governor Rell’s plan for distributing these federal block grant funds must be submitted to the General Assembly’s Appropriations and Energy committees for a public hearing. Also, the state must submit its block grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy by May 26th.

Further information about the energy grants and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is available by clicking on the CT Recovery link at