Senator Boucher Hosts Wilton Students’ Visit To State Capitol

April 15, 2009

Two Students From Middlebrook School & Wilton High School Shadow Senator Boucher

Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) said she thoroughly enjoyed spending a day showing David Gumins, an eighth grader at Middlebrook School, and Eric Glass, a sophomore at Wilton High School, the inner workings of the General Assembly.

“Both of these young men expressed an interest in learning more about the political process and what we do in the General Assembly. Over the course of my years in the House of Representatives and now in the State Senate, I have mentored many high school and college students with a keen interest in politics. An open invitation was extended to both David and Eric. They decided they would enjoy spending some time in Hartford during their school vacation. I had a great time. It is always enjoyable to see the State Capitol and a legislative session day through the eyes of people who aren’t accustomed to being here. I think they got a lot out of the experience, as well,” said Senator Boucher. Sen. Boucher poses for a photo in the Senate Chamber with Eric Glass (left) and David Gumins (right)

Both Wilton school students said they learned a lot during their visit to the State Capitol on April 14th.

David Gumins, who first met Senator Boucher at a 4th of July celebration in his early grammar school years, described his visit as “an amazing hands on learning experience, which was also a lot of fun.” David added: “A lot was going on, and it was great to witness it first hand.”

Eric Glass had never visited the State Capitol before and said it was “exciting to see the legislative process come alive”. He added: “Studying United States history in class is one thing, but to witness history first hand was both enriching and exciting.”

Senator Boucher introduced the students during a Transportation Committee meeting and on the floor of the State Senate. Besides watching a legislative session, the two students also had the opportunity to talk with lobbyists and attend a press conference.

“I would not be at all surprised to see both of these fine young men serving in the General Assembly some day,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher also added that she encourages any student or residents from the 26th Senatorial District to take advantage of a “ Day at the Capitol” to get a better understanding of how their government works.

“With so many difficult issues facing our state, a better educated public is a better served public,” said Senator Boucher.

Interested constituents can schedule a “Day at the Capitol” by calling Senator Boucher’s legislative office at 860-240-0465, or e-mailing her at [email protected].