Senator Boucher Contributes to State Crime Fighting Efforts

April 2, 2009

State Department of Consumer Protection & Wilton Police Report Arrests Of Unregistered Out-Of-State Home Improvement Contractors

Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) said she is gratified that information she shared with the state Department of Consumer Protection helped lead to a joint undercover investigation with the Wilton Police Department that resulted in the arrests of two unregistered home improvement contractors from Long Island.

“It was really my constituents who sounded the alarm when they approached my office, and area police departments, for help. Their willingness to speak up not only helped state and local enforcement authorities with their investigation, but also helped to raise public awareness of scams that can really hurt people,” said Senator Boucher.

During a press conference at the Wilton Police Headquarters on April 2nd, State Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. thanked Senator Boucher and others for bringing the issue to the attention of his department. Senator Boucher thanked the state Department of Consumer Protection and Wilton Police for their quick response and outstanding work.

According to information released by the state Department of Consumer Protection and Wilton Police, the two agencies conducted an undercover operation with the cooperation of a private homeowner. Two employees of S&H Contracting were questioned by Wilton Police and state consumer protection authorities after the homeowner signed a contract for the work that was recommended by the home improvement contractors. According to the state Department of Consumer Protection and Wilton Police, neither man was able to present a valid home improvement contractor or salesman’s registration as required by state law. Furthermore, the registration number they provided for S&H Contracting belongs to an unrelated and legitimate home improvement firm. Several charges have been brought against the two men, Travis Joyce and Adam Joyce, both of Babylon, New York.

“One of the complaints against these individuals is that they told an older homeowner that a local fuel company sent them to check out their fireplace. Of course, they found problems with the fireplace and recommended so-called emergency repairs. The fuel company had absolutely no connection to these home contractors; it was just a way to get into the house,” said Senator Boucher, adding that this is not the first time that constituent complaints to her legislative office have led to action that helped state residents.

“When I was a State Representative, a constituent called my office when he suspected problems with how cash was being handled with the old vehicle emission testing program. As you know, we made big changes to that program following an investigation of this complaint. Constituents have called about other illegal activities that have led to further investigation and, ultimately, action that benefited not just them, but people across the state who were experiencing the same problem. That is why I always tell people to not be shy – if they suspect a serious problem or spot someone breaking the law, speak up. Call my office. It can’t hurt – and it just might help many others,” said Senator Boucher.