Sen. Boucher Supports Funding For Local Train Station Improvements

April 17, 2009

Wilton & Cannondale Station Upgrades Included In Proposed Legislation

Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) recently voted as a member of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee in favor of legislation that includes funding for improvements to the Wilton and Cannondale train stations.

The proposed legislation includes $150,000 that would be used for upgrades to the Wilton Train Station and the Cannondale Train Station. Senate Bill 834, An Act Concerning The Authorization Of Special Tax Obligation Bonds Of The State For Certain Transportation Purposes, is now subject to further legislative action.

“I am a strong advocate for mass transit, and for making necessary improvements and upgrades to our train stations. Approving this funding for upgrades to the Wilton and Cannondale train stations would be an excellent investment in our ongoing efforts to encourage train ridership. Commuters would certainly appreciate the improvements,” said Senator Boucher, who also serves as the leading Republican Senator, Ranking Member, of the Transportation Committee.

Senator Boucher expressed gratitude to the co-chairs and ranking members of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee and Transportation Committee for working with her to include funding for improvements to these two train stations in this proposed bonding bill.

“I submitted legislation to the Transportation Committee earlier this year calling for much needed improvements to the Wilton and Cannondale Train Stations and, as a result, the funding was included in this bonding bill. Right now, one of the stations has a long platform with absolutely no seating, and the other desperately needs some fixing,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher said that, even during tough economic times, the state should make an effort to keep the train stations in good repair.

“Even small improvements go a long way to creating a commuter-friendly experience for those making the often difficult trip to work, are greatly appreciated,” said Senator Boucher.