State Senator Len Fasano Announces Agreement for Future of Tweed New Haven Airport

March 16, 2009

Hartford, CT – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today joined with lawmakers and community leaders in Hartford to announce an agreement on the future of Tweed New Haven Airport. The agreement was made between the City of New Haven, the Town of East Haven, state legislators and the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority. The agreement will enhance service at the airport and improve collaboration between the Airport and the surrounding communities.

“With this agreement, we were able to put an end to over 40 years of litigation that has been tying up valuable resources in all of our communities,” said Senator Fasano. “I think this deal begins to effectively address the concerns of the airport as well as those of the people living around the airport. I am very proud to have been a part of forging this compromise.”

Senator Fasano has been a long-time proponent of building a compromise between the City of New Haven, the Town of East Haven and the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority. Today, he was joined by a number of community leaders involved in this compromise including New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, East Haven Mayor April Capone Almon, State Senator Martin Looney (D-11), State Representative Michael Lawlor (D-99), State Representative Vincent Candelora (R-86), Mark Volchek, Tweed Airport Authority and community leader John Finkel.

Included in the agreement are provisions which would address a number of long-standing concerns held by nearby residents. For instance, the main runway will be limited to its existing 5600’. Neighbors had voiced concern that expansion of the runway would lead to an encroachment upon their properties. The agreement also increases East Haven’s representation on the Tweed Board of Directors giving the town more of a say in the operations of the airport.

“Now, more than ever, when we’re facing such tough economic times, it is critical Tweed maintains a competitive edge in attracting business and protecting the interests of the residents of East Haven.” said Senator Fasano. “This agreement also allows East Haven more say in Tweed’s operation.”

While the Tweed Airport Authority works to attract and improve its business, Senator Fasano said he is particularly encouraged that this agreement pays close attention to the concerns of the people of New Haven and East Haven.

“One of the facets of this agreement I am most pleased with is the development of the Good Neighbor Program,” said Senator Fasano. “This program will establish a forum for residents living near the airport to voice their concerns and gather information. The Good Neighbor Program will focus on issues like traffic, airport noise and protecting the environment around the airport.”

Senator Fasano is Minority Leader Pro Tempore and represents the 34th District communities of North Haven, East Haven and Wallingford. His press secretary is Rachel Reese. She may be reached at 860.240.8865 or via email at [email protected].