Senator Kane & GOP Legislators Host Small Business Forum In Hartford

March 11, 2009

Share Ideas Regarding Legislation Affecting Small Businesses & Solutions For Protecting Jobs

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) recently participated in a small business forum hosted by Republican state lawmakers at the state Legislative Office Building in Hartford to discuss legislation and ways to protect jobs during this economic downturn.

Businesses from across the state were represented at the forum, including The Siemon Company of Watertown and RJM Systems, Inc. of Southbury. Senator Kane, a member of the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee, said the current economic climate makes it even more important that legislators consider the potential effects of legislation on the state’s businesses.

“Most of the new jobs in Connecticut are created by small businesses. The very last thing we need to do is pass legislation that has the unintended consequence of hurting these businesses, and the families that depend on them for jobs. You don’t have to tell people in the greater Waterbury area, or anywhere else in the state, just how bad things have been. They know without reading the newspapers that far too many people are out of work. It is our job in the legislature to pass laws that help them, and refrain from passing laws that make an already bad situation worse,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane said that he was grateful for the opportunity to spend time discussing business related issues with entrepreneurs from his district, as well as with those representing small and mid-size business from other parts of the state.

“As the owner of a small business, I know how difficult it was for the participants in our forum to take time away from work to come all the way to Hartford to meet with us. I am glad that they did because I believe that all of us, legislators and business owners, learned a great deal,” said Senator Kane, adding that he encouraged forum participants to continue sharing their ideas and concerns about pending state legislation.