Senator Kane Applauds Federal Crime Prevention Grants For Local Communities

March 12, 2009

Seymour & Watertown Awarded Funds As Part Of Federal Stimulus Package

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) said that Seymour and Watertown are among the 64 Connecticut communities awarded U.S. Department of Justice Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants as part of the federal stimulus package. The money can be used for law enforcement and other community-based safety and intervention programs.

Governor M. Jodi Rell recently announced that Connecticut towns and cities were awarded a total of $8.1 million under this federal grant programs. Of that, Seymour was awarded $39,784 and Watertown was awarded $24,080.

“This is good news for Seymour and Watertown, especially now when towns and cities are struggling to pay for programs and services. Public safety is always a priority, and I am sure these towns will put the federal grant money to good use,” said Senator Kane.

In addition to the $8.1 million in crime prevention grants awarded directly to Connecticut communities, Governor Rell has said the state will receive approximately $12 million for law enforcement and public safety programs. According to Governor Rell, approximately 50 percent of that money must be distributed as grants to other cities and towns and the balance used for state-administered community safety, crime prevention and intervention projects and services