Sen. Kissel Supports Efforts to Eliminate Unfunded Mandates

February 23, 2009

Supports the elimination of in-school suspension and moratorium on unfunded mandates
Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) today called on fellow legislators to support legislation that would eliminate certain unfunded mandates on municipalities as well create a three-year moratorium on all new unfunded mandates. “During these increasingly difficult times, we should be doing all that we can to ease the financial burden on struggling towns, not add to their budget problems,” said Sen. Kissel.

HB 5526, An Act Concerning In-School Suspension, would delay the implementation of in-school suspensions and SB 394, An Act Concerning State Mandate Relief, would impose a three-year moratorium on any new unfunded mandates and eliminate in-school suspensions as well as the requirement that towns post meeting minutes and agendas on their websites.

In a written statement to members of the Legislature’s Planning and Development Committee, Sen. Kissel urged committee members to look favorably upon the bills. “The costs of these mandates do add up and are then passed on to local tax payers in the form of higher property taxes. These proposals will help alleviate the financial pressures on our towns as they do all that they can to climb out of this period of economic decline.”

“I am committed to doing all that I can for the towns I represent to ensure that their budgets do not experience the kind of deficits we are facing on the state level. We need to look at all possible ways to cut spending and I believe these bills are important steps towards greater fiscal responsibility,” added Sen. Kissel.