State Senator Len Fasano Begins Fourth Term in Connecticut’s General Assembly

January 15, 2009

Hartford, CT – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) has been reappointed Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore and will be the Senate Ranking Member on the Legislative Management, Planning & Development and Veterans’ Affairs committees. Senator Fasano will also serve on the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee.

“As a legislative leader, I recognize we are facing the greatest budget crisis in our state’s history. Families and businesses are facing financial ruin in every community and never before have we seen such a bleak, widespread economic downturn ,” said Senator Fasano. “However, I am hopeful that as a state, and a legislature, we can come together with sensible, practical solutions to these complicated problems. I thank Senator McKinney for appointing me to these committees which will be so instrumental in the work facing us in the months ahead.”

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield), who announced the appointments prior to the opening of the 2009 legislative session, said, “Senator Fasano has amassed an impressive record of accomplishment in the State Senate, leading bipartisan efforts in recent years to protect Long Island Sound, strengthen our criminal sentencing laws, and expand benefits for Veterans’ and their families. I am fortunate to have him as a partner in the State Senate and I am pleased to reappoint him to this senior leadership position.”

One of the three committees on which Senator Fasano will be ranking member is the Legislative Management Committee. This committee is responsible for the operations of the General Assembly which includes matters such as employee compensation and working conditions of the General Assembly.

“While we ask Connecticut families to cut back and stretch every dollar, we must do the same here in Hartford,” said Senator Fasano. “As Ranking Member on Legislative Management, I feel responsible to the taxpayers of the state to do all we can to ensure our government in Hartford is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.”

Senator Fasano will also serve as Ranking Member on the Committee on Planning & Development. The committee will handle all matters relating to local governments. This committee will deal with issues including, but not limited to, urban renewal, planning and zoning, regional planning and economic development.

“With the nation locked in recession and our own state staring down billions in deficit, we can’t forget the smaller cities and towns here in Connecticut,” said Senator Fasano. “As Ranking Member on the Planning & Development Committee, I hope to come up with solutions to helping local municipalities not only become more financially stable but also, bring in more economic development and opportunity. Bringing business back to Connecticut must be a priority.”

Lastly, Senator Fasano will also serve as Ranking Member on the Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. This committee handles matters relating to veterans affairs except matters pertaining to military pensions. The committee may also hold public hearing and issue reports on matters concerning veterans. Protecting and providing for veterans and their families has long been a priority of Senator Fasano.

“Our veterans are a national treasure,” said Senator Fasano. “Their service and sacrifice are part of what makes this nation so unique. But unfortunately many of our servicemen and women don’t receive enough support from the state and can easily fall onto hard times. I hope, despite these tough times, we can do more to support and serve our veterans.”

Senator Fasano will also serve on the committee on Executive and Legislative Nominations. This committee handles executive and legislative nominations except for judicial nominations and nominations of workers’ compensation commissioners.