Senator Kane Sworn Into Office For First Full Two-Year Term As State Senator

January 12, 2009

2009 Legislative Session Opened On Wednesday, January 7th

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) was joined by family and friends as he was sworn into office for his first full two-year term representing the 32nd Senatorial District on opening day of the 2009 Legislative Session. He will serve as a Senate Deputy Minority Leader, and as the leading Republican, or Ranking Member, of two legislative committees. Also, he will serve on two additional legislative committees.

“I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the people of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Seymour, Southbury, Thomaston, Roxbury, Watertown and Woodbury as their State Senator. I will continue to make it my priority to address the issues that are most important to the people who live in our part of the state, including the need to control government spending and taxes at a time when so many businesses are struggling to stay open and so many people are worried about their jobs,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane was first elected to represent the 32nd Senatorial District in a special election on January 15, 2008. In addition to his leadership position, Senator Kane has been appointed the leading Republican Senator, or Ranking Member, of the General Assembly’s Banks Committee and of the Human Services Committee. Also, he will serve as a member of the Appropriations and Commerce committees.

Senator Kane said he shares the concerns of state residents who are worried about effects the difficult economy and state government budget deficit will have on them, their families and their jobs. He said that it will be especially important this year for all legislators to work in a bipartisan manner to find creative solutions to the issues facing the state.

“Families are hurting. Businesses are hurting. I don’t believe that the people of our state will have any patience with elected officials who are unable to put aside their differences to do what is best for all of us. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas for solving our problems, and welcome the opportunity to work with my legislative colleagues in a bipartisan manner to come up with workable, responsible, solutions,” said Senator Kane.

“We have a great deal of work to do between now and when the legislative session ends on June 3rd. As always, I welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues with constituents and urge them to contact me with their questions, their concerns, and their ideas for improving our quality of life in Connecticut,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane can be reached at his legislative office in Hartford at 860-240-8800 or via e-mail to [email protected].