Frantz Appointed Ranking Member of Commerce Committee Will Also Serve on Appropriations, Program Review and Transportation

December 19, 2008

Hartford, CT – State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) has appointed State Senator-elect Scott Frantz (R-36) ranking member on the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee. Senator-elect Frantz will also be a member of the Appropriations, Program Review and Transportation committees.

“The newly elected General Assembly is going to have to face several hard-truths in the weeks and months ahead; chief among them is a growing budget deficit and a floundering economy. I am grateful to have been appointed to committees that will have a direct impact on resolving these pressing challenges.” said Senator-elect Frantz.

As a member of the Commerce Committee and the budget-writing Appropriations Committee, Senator-elect Frantz will be at the forefront of legislative efforts to protect jobs, help Connecticut businesses weather the national recession, and balance the projected 2009-2010 budget deficits. The Commerce Committee handles all matters relating directly to the Department of Economic and Community Development, the Connecticut Development Authority and Connecticut Innovations, Inc. The Appropriations Committee oversees all matters relating to the budgets of state agencies and appropriation of funding.

“As a successful entrepreneur and having just stepped aside as Chairman of the Connecticut Development Authority for the last five years and a member of the Board for over 14 years, Scott has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make a business efficient and successful. That expertise will be invaluable as the state looks for new and innovative ways to make government more efficient, protect jobs and grow our economy,” said Senator McKinney.

Senator-elect Frantz, who is also stepping aside as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bradley International Airport, has also been assigned to the Transportation Committee at a time when Connecticut is reaffirming its commitment to infrastructure projects and mass transit solutions.

“Connecticut’s transportation model is not adequate for the 21st Century,” said Senator-elect Frantz. “Transportation gridlock, particularly in lower-Fairfield County, is a drag on economic growth, it is polluting our air, and it is a public safety hazard. I believe there are ways to stimulate our economy and improve our quality of life by making smart investments and finding immediate, cost effective solutions in mass transportation, getting trucks off our highways, and moving more goods by rail.”

Senator-elect Frantz will also be a member of the Program Review Committee which oversees the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies and is charged with reporting those findings to the General Assembly.