Senator McKinney, Fairfield Fire Department Kick-Off Fire Prevention Week, Announce Acquisition of New Fire Safety Trailer

October 6, 2008

Fairfield, CT – Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R- Fairfield) joined Fairfield Fire Chief Richard Felner at Fairfield Fire Headquarters today to announce a $36,675 state grant that will be used to purchase a new fire safety and prevention trailer. Today’s announcement coincides with the start of National Fire Prevention Week.

“Fire Prevention Week is a time for families and businesses to reflect on what they’re doing in their homes and offices, not only to prevent fires, but to make sure they’re safe in the event that a fire breaks out. I’m pleased to be able to present this state grant which will provide the Fairfield Fire Department a vital educational tool to help teach our children life-saving lessons about fire safety and prevention,” said Senator McKinney.

Firefighters showcased some of the new trailer’s features using a similar trailer currently being used by the Westport Fire Department. The trailer, which resembles a typical living space with a kitchen and family room, can safely simulate the effects of a house fire, such as a hot door handle or smoking stove. Firefighters use the trailer to teach children the proper way to respond to each situation.

“One of the wonderful things about this new trailer is that it will get children out of the classroom and give them hands-on, interactive lessons about how to keep a fire from starting and what to do if they ever had to face one,” said Senator McKinney.

Fire Chief Richard Felner said this trailer is a critical teaching tool and applauded Senator McKinney for his efforts on behalf of the department and Fairfield’s children.

“I’ve known Senator McKinney and his family for years,” said Chief Felner. “He’s always shown great concern for the safety of our youth, not just with his words but in his deeds, stepping up to the plate throughout his career and helping us acquire equipment essential to our charge of protecting the lives and property of Fairfield’s citizens. I consider John a friend, both personally and to the Fairfield Fire Department, and I thank him for his lifelong commitment to our community. Knowing his father as I did, it’s no surprise to me that he made the extra effort on behalf of our seniors and children to obtain funding for our new Fire Prevention Safety Trailer, and it’s a privilege and honor to have him represent us in Hartford as Senate Minority Leader.”

The funds for this award come from the State’s Contingency Needs Account. The money from this account is generally used for small grants to bolster operating funds or to make capital improvements for community groups or organizations that are in pursuit of the public good.