Sen. Kane & Rep. Williams Honor Watertown Police Officer For Rescuing Baby From Burning Building

October 27, 2008

Governor M. Jodi Rell Presents Officer Jeffrey Desena With Official Statement At State Capitol

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) and Representative Sean Williams (R-68) last week honored Watertown Police Officer Jeffrey Desena for rescuing a baby from a burning building by inviting him to the State Capitol to meet Governor M. Jodi Rell.

“As Governor Rell said, police officers like Jeff Desena shrug off compliments for heroism by saying they were just doing their job. But everyone who loves that child and everyone who depends on the quick thinking and decisive actions of first responders will tell you that Officer Jeff Desena is a hero. Dashing into a burning building to save a child is something that only a hero would do,” said Senator Kane.

“I’ve been honored to know Officer Jeff Desena and his entire family since I was a kid. He is humble about his heroism but the reality is that smoke and flames pouring out of that house were not enough to keep him from running in to find and rescue that little boy from his crib. He is a very brave man, someone the community is so fortunate to have as a police officer. Officer Jeff Desena is a hero,” said Representative Williams

Senator Kane and Representative Williams thanked Governor Rell for meeting with Officer Desena and members of his family at her office in the State Capitol. Governor Rell presented Officer Desena with an official statement and expressed her admiration for his bravery and heroism. Officer Desena was accompanied on his visit to Governor Rell’s office by his wife, Rachel, his father, Watertown Deputy Police Chief Robert Desena, Senator Kane and Representative Williams.

At Governor Rell’s request, Officer Desena explained how he arrived at the burning house to find the mother and three of her children outside. He said he ran into the building because the mother had been unable to bring out her fourth child, a one-year-old twin to one of the already rescued children. Officer Desena said he felt fortunate to find the little boy in a crib, grab him, and carry him out of the house.