Senator Kane Signs Petition Calling For Gas Tax Special Session

July 23, 2008

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) has joined other Republican legislators in signing a petition calling for a special session to cut and cap Connecticut’s “hidden” state tax on gasoline.

“Connecticut drivers want, need, and deserve to know that we are doing everything possible to provide meaningful relief at the gas pumps. And, so far, the General Assembly has not done everything within its power to provide that relief. What we need to do is cut and cap this hidden state gas tax, the Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax, and we need to call a special session as soon as possible to do it,” said Senator Kane.

To date, Senator Kane said that all Republican Senators have signed and submitted petitions to Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz calling for a special legislative session “to cut and cap the Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax and require that such tax reduction be passed on to consumers in order to provide immediate relief for Connecticut motorists.”

“I strongly encourage all legislators who have not already done so to sign this petition,” said Senator Kane, adding that signatures from a majority of legislators from both houses would require the Secretary of the State to call a special session.

The state charges both a flat 25 cents-per-gallon state excise tax and a Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax which is levied as a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline. At the current rate of seven percent, the Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax costs consumers approximately 26 cents per gallon. However, this tax increases every time the price of gas increases.

“Most of us never dreamed that it would ever cost us $65.55 to fill a 15-gallon gas tank, and are less than pleased that $7.65 of that goes right into the state coffers. It is even more appalling when you know that this Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax was originally increased to pay for transportation projects, but that it is generating so much income that nearly 60 percent of what it brings in is going into the state’s general fund instead of for transportation. Because of record gas prices, the state is taking in about $200 million in windfall revenues. We need to do the right thing, and leave that money in the pockets of Connecticut citizens,” said Senator Kane.