Sen. Kissel Supports Efforts To Cut And Cap Gas Tax

July 22, 2008

Signs Petition Calling For Special Legislative Session

State Senator John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, today joined Senate Minority Leader John McKinney in urging fellow legislators to sign a petition calling for a special session to cut and cap the state’s Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax on gasoline. Senator Kissel has already signed the petition.

“I signed the petition because I believe my constituents want us to help reduce the cost of gasoline. Realistically, that means cutting state taxes on gasoline. Calling a special session would give legislators an opportunity to discuss this issue in depth, and I encourage state residents to share their views with us. In speaking to my constituents in north-central Connecticut, everyone sees the difference between gas prices here and in Massachusetts.” said Senator Kissel.

Senator Kissel said he believes that Connecticut drivers and businesses would benefit from the proposal to cut and cap the state’s Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax. In addition to the flat 25 cents-per-gallon state excise tax, the state also charges a Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax which is levied as a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline. At the current rate of seven percent, this tax costs consumers approximately 26 cents per gallon. However, this tax increases every time the price of gas increases.

“Right now, filling a 15 gallon gas tank costs Connecticut drivers about $65.55. Of that, $7.65 is Connecticut gas taxes. We’re taking in way more revenue than we need to pay for transportation initiatives. The gas tax wasn’t meant to be a windfall for the General Fund. Cutting and capping the Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax is one of the most effective ways to help Connecticut drivers. Hopefully, all legislators will act quickly to sign the petition calling for a special session,” said Senator Kissel.

Senator Kissel participated in the Senate Republicans’ press conference on Tuesday announcing the Senate and House Republican leaders’ petition drive. To date, all Republican Senators have signed the petitions, and signed petitions have been submitted to Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.