Senator Kane Wraps Up First Legislative Session

June 30, 2008

Criminal Justice Reforms, Sub-Prime Lending Bill, Balanced Budget Proposal Highlight First Year In Office

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) said he is proud of his efforts during his first legislative session to advocate for the issues that most affect the quality of life for Connecticut residents, especially those who live in his 10-town district.

“Having the opportunity to vote for criminal justice reform during the special session on my first day as a state senator, and then again during the regular legislative session, was an excellent start. However, I still believe that Connecticut needs a responsible three strikes law,” said Senator Kane, who was sworn into office following a special election in January.

Senator Kane said his first term in office reinforced his belief that, besides supporting necessary changes to the criminal justice system, he can best serve his constituents by continuing to advocate for pro-business legislation that will lead to the creation and retention of jobs, and by supporting legislation to cut government spending and control taxes.

“During this legislative session, I supported the Republican alternative budget proposal that, among other things, would have phased out the Business Entity Tax and cut gas taxes, while still providing funding to re-establish the Early Reading Success Program, expand Town Road Aid grants and strengthen Vo-Ag programs. While I am disappointed that the General Assembly did not take up our alternative budget proposal for a vote this year, I understand that it often takes more than one year to pass even the best legislative proposals. It is my hope that many of the good initiatives included as part of our budget proposal will eventually pass,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane said he is proud to have co-sponsored the Money Follows The Person legislation passed by the General Assembly this year. Among other things, this legislation increases the number of people who can benefit under the federal government’s five-year demonstration program to move eligible nursing home residents to less restrictive community-based settings.

“It is important that government be responsive to the needs of those who do not want to live in institutions – and who do not have to if government is flexible in how it funds necessary long-term care services and programs. Passing this legislation is a victory for these individuals and their families,” said Senator Kane.

Also, Senator Kane said he is pleased to have helped secure passage of legislation that addresses the sub-prime lending crisis in a way that is fair to lenders, homeowners and Connecticut taxpayers.

“What is most important about this legislation is that is not a public bailout, but a necessary reaction to a problem that affects our state and national economy. Not only does this legislation help resolve the current situation, it includes provisions intended to help the state avoid future similar problems,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane said he always welcomes the opportunity to discuss issues important to the state and the 32nd Senatorial District and encourages constituents to contact him. Senator Kane can be reached at his legislative office in Hartford at 1-800-842-1421, or via e-mail to [email protected].