Sen. Kane Applauds Senate Passage Of “Money Follows The Person” Legislation

May 5, 2008

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) recently helped secure Senate passage of legislation to expand the number of persons who can benefit under a five-year federal demonstration program designed to move eligible nursing home residents to less restrictive community-based settings.

The legislation, SB 561, An Act Concerning The Money Follows The Person Project, is now subject to further action by the House of Representatives.

“I am a proud co-sponsor of this kind of quality of life legislation, and even more proud of the citizens who have worked so hard for this including Joe Stango of Southbury and Bob Veillette, the former managing editor of the Waterbury Republican-American. If this bill becomes law and is implemented, the many people who will benefit will owe a debt of gratitude to the advocacy of these persistent, compelling, individuals,” said Senator Kane.

The legislation calls for increasing from 700 to 5,000 the number of persons who can be served under the state’s plan for participating in the federal Money Follows The Person (MFP) Demonstration program. This demonstration program permits states to move eligible residents of nursing homes and other institutional settings into less restrictive, community based settings. State demonstration programs approved by the federal government are eligible for enhanced federal funding for the first year of Medicaid-eligible services, along with federal funds for services not allowed by Medicaid that are provided by the state during the demonstration period.

Furthermore, the legislation calls for the state Department of Social Services to develop a plan to establish and administer a demonstration project to provide community based long-term care services for income-eligible adults who are institutionalized, or at risk of institutionalization, but who do not meet the requirements of the MFP demonstration project. Also, the legislation establishes a Long-Term Care Reinvestment account.

“The people who have worked so hard for this legislation, Joe Stango and Bob Veillette, were inspired by love and the bone-deep desire to live their lives with their families by their sides. Mr. Stango was inspired by the desire to care for his mother at home instead of institutionalizing her. Mr. Veillette’s family is similarly inspired by their love for him. They believe, as do I, that government should be responsive to the needs of those who do not want to live in institutions, and who do not have to if government is flexible in how it funds necessary long-term care services and programs. Passing this legislation is a step in the right direction,” said Senator Kane.