Senator Kane Joins Republican Senators In Vowing To Fight Proposed Tax Increases

April 9, 2008

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) today joined other Senate Republican legislators in promising to fight the Democrats’ proposed tax increases during upcoming state budget negotiations.

“Connecticut is fighting to ward off a recession, and the last thing we need to do is burden businesses or families with tax increases. Instead, we need to look for better ways to control spending so that raising taxes is avoidable. In fact, as Republican legislators have already proposed, the General Assembly should be voting to pass our jobs creation initiatives so that Connecticut residents have jobs – today and tomorrow,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane joined Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, Senate Minority Leader Pro Tempore Len Fasano, and other Republican Senators in warning state residents that key portions of the Democrats’ budget proposal would harm the state’s economy and alienate businesses.

“Passing the Democrats’ plan to add $154 million in new spending, shift a significant portion of the tax burden in some communities to businesses with the creation of a Homestead Tax Exemption, and impose a new six percent delivery tax on all commercial and consumer goods delivered in state would greatly erode our efforts to foster a healthy business climate that favors jobs creation and retention. This is not something I could in good conscience vote for,” said Senator Kane.

Senator Kane said that he will continue to work with other legislators to convince the General Assembly to pass a state budget adjustment bill that incorporates the Republicans’ pro-jobs initiatives, none of which are included in the Democrats’ proposal.

Earlier this year, Republicans introduced a comprehensive jobs growth initiative that called for: expanding the job creation tax credit; repealing the business entity tax; eliminating outdated, redundant and counterproductive business regulations; and providing tax incentives to emerging and next generation industries like alternative fuel, environmental remediation and nanotechnology – industries likely to provide good paying jobs to Connecticut workers at all levels of skill, experience and education. Republicans also called for targeted tax relief to help middle class families cope with two of their fastest growing expenses – home heating fuel and out-of-pocket medical costs.

“Fortunately, we still have a few weeks left in the legislative session to negotiate a state budget adjustment bill that responsibly meets the needs of our state. I look forward to the opportunity to help pass such a budget,” said Senator Kane.