Reps D’Amelio, O’Neill, Labriola, Sen. Kane, First Selectman Cooper: $220,000 Grant Okayed for District 15 Small Town Economic Assistance Program Grant will Help Fund Project at Pomperaug High School Football Field

April 21, 2008

Southbury and Middlebury’s state legislative delegation and Southbury First Selectman Mark A. R. Cooper today announced approval of a $220,000 state grant for Regional District 15 that will help finance construction of a new concession stand and restroom facilities at Pomperaug High School’s Edward Arum Athletic Field.

State Representatives Anthony J. D’Amelio, R-71st District. Arthur J. O’Neill, R-69th District, and David K. Labriola, R-131st District, state Senator Rob Kane, R-32nd District, and First Selectman Cooper announced approval of the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grant at a news conference Monday, April 21, 2008 at Southbury Town Hall.

“I’m delighted that Governor Rell and our state legislators were able to find the funds we needed to help us finance this very worthwhile project that will be utilized by so many Southbury and Middlebury residents,” Southbury First Selectman Mark A. R. Cooper said. “On behalf of the Town of Southbury I’d like to thank Governor Rell and our state legislative delegation for the hard work they put in to secure this grant.”

“This is a very important project for the people of the Town of Southbury. It will provide services to about 40,000 people per year – not just those who attend high school athletic events but also community events such as the Walk for the Cure,” Representative O’Neill said. “I cannot thank
Governor Rell enough for her help in this matter. Her assistance was crucial in obtaining this grant.”

“The Edward Arum Athletic Field is a regional facility that serves both Middlebury and Southbury residents who attend football and soccer games as well as other community events there. The facility needs to accommodate large numbers of people, so the new concession stand and rest room facilities will be a welcome addition to the complex,” Representative D’Amelio said. “Governor Rell’s strong support for this project made the difference in securing this grant. When we were informed that the original application for the funding had been denied, we got together and arranged a meeting with Governor Rell, who intervened on behalf of the towns. I’m very pleased to have been an integral part of the effort to obtain this grant.”

“This is great news for the Pomperaug Panthers,” said Representative Labriola. “I’m so very happy for the student athletes and their parents and I’m especially grateful to Governor Rell for supporting this terrific project.”

“Securing this grant for the new facilities was a team effort that worked for the people of Southbury and Middlebury and the fans of Pomperaug Panthers football and soccer,” Senator Kane said. “The improvements this grant will help finance will be greatly appreciated by the thousands of Regional District 15 students, parents and supporters who will be attending sporting events at this state of the art facility for years to come. I personally look forward to attending a football game there this fall. I’d like to thank Governor Rell for the key role she played in obtaining the funding for this project. She made it happen and we’re very grateful for her efforts.”