Fasano, Stillman Applaud New York’s Decision to Reject Broadwater

April 10, 2008

New York Officials Agree with Conclusions Reached by Connecticut Task Force

Hartford, CT – Connecticut State Senators Len Fasano (R-34) and Andrea Stillman (D-20), co-chairs of Governor Rell’s Long Island Sound LNG Task Force, today applauded the State of New York’s decision to reject Broadwater Energy’s plan to construct a floating liquefied natural gas terminal in the middle of Long Island Sound. The State of New York denied Broadwater a necessary coastal consistency permit.

In rejecting Broadwater, the State of New York cited several key concerns raised by the Task Force during its 2 ½ year review, including concerns that the project would have a negative impact on the environment and public safety, would not guarantee low cost natural gas to New York, and would set a bad precedent by commercializing Long Island Sound.

“In the end, state and local government officials listened to the people and the system worked,” said Senator Fasano. “Officials in New York agreed with the recommendations put forth by our Task Force in Connecticut. I credit Governor Paterson and his colleagues for having the courage to stand up to the Broadwater lobby and federal regulators to make the right decision. It is my hope that public officials in New York and Connecticut will continue to work together to address our region’s energy challenges in a responsible way.”

“New York’s most-welcome decision is the right one in my opinion, and it underscores the exhaustive findings of our task force, namely, that Long Island Sound is unique, delicate, and invaluable, and that the presence of a floating LNG terminal on the Sound would irreparably harm it and create untenable risk for its future,” Senator Stillman said. “New York’s ruling regarding Broadwater’s incompatibility with its Coastal Management Program underscores the need to bring new, additional, and alternative energy sources on line in an environmentally sound, sustainable manner.”