Sen. Kane Proposes Legislation Calling For Better Accountability Of State Taxpayers’ Money

March 3, 2008

Proposed Legislation Approved By Planning & Development Committee

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) is calling for the General Assembly to adopt legislation that would require each municipality that receives at least 35 percent of its annual operating budget from the state, and whose population exceeds 75,000, to submit to a state audit. Each audit would include any recommendations for management efficiencies and financial improvements.

The General Assembly’s Planning & Development Committee today approved SB 374, An Act Concerning Financial and Management Audits of Municipalities. Senator Kane testified in favor of the bill before the committee earlier this week. The bill, which he is co-sponsoring, is now subject to further legislative action.

“Every municipality counts on the state’s financial assistance to provide services and programs, and to run its schools. But there are some municipalities that are highly dependent on the state’s financial assistance and these, I believe, warrant special attention from the state auditors. Because our state taxpayer dollars play such a large role in paying for the operating budgets of these communities, it makes sense to demand a close accounting of how this money is being spent. In some cases, these municipalities might benefit from recommendations by the state auditors with respect to financial improvements and management efficiencies,” said Senator Kane.

“Connecticut’s taxpayers have the right to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely, and I believe it is the General Assembly’s responsibility to provide this assurance. This legislation would put in place a system of checks and balances that would help to achieve the goal of accountability,” added Senator Kane.