Congressman Shays, Senator McKinney Call for State Office of Inspector General

March 9, 2007

Appeal to GAE Committee to Pass Legislation

Hartford, CT – U.S. Representative Christopher Shays (R-CT) submitted testimony today to the Connecticut General

Assembly’s Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee in support of establishing a State Office of Inspector General. Shays has advocated for, and testified in support of, establishing an Office of Inspector General several times since State Senator John McKinney (R-Fairfield) first proposed legislation in 2003.

Senator McKinney, who also testified, said of Shays’ support, “Congressman Shays first spoke out four-years ago about the need to systemically address corruption in his hometown of Bridgeport. He convinced me then that Connecticut needs to perform more oversight of state and municipal government. I believe establishing an Office of Inspector General is a necessary step toward improving government accountability, eliminating government corruption and restoring the public’s faith in state agencies and elected officials.”