Senator Fasano Announces Legislative Public Hearing Regarding Proposed LNG Security Initiatives

February 9, 2007

Senator Len Fasano, R-North Haven, is urging those concerned about security issues involving the proposed installation of a liquefied natural gas facility in Long Island Sound to consider attending the legislature’s upcoming public hearing regarding proposals intended to give Connecticut a strong voice in determining how best to protect the public if the federal government approves the project.

The General Assembly’s Public Safety Committee will hold a public hearing on the four bills at 11 a.m., Wednesday, February 14th in Room 2A of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

“As a State Senator and as Co-Chair of the Long Island Sound LNG Task Force, I am very concerned with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s insistence that Connecticut has no real legal say in whether or not this huge floating factory is installed a mere 11 miles off of our shoreline. And, as everyone who has been following this knows, there are serious environmental and public safety issues to be confronted if the federal government ultimately decides to approve this project. Connecticut has to be ready to act, and I believe that passing this legislation now is a good first step,” said Senator Fasano.

Senator Fasano co-sponsored the four LNG-related bills to be heard before the Public Safety Committee on February 14th. Also co-sponsoring the bills is Senator Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford, Co-Chair of the Long Island Sound LNG Task Force. The bills are:

• SB 412 An Act Concerning A LNG Terminal Security Zone
• SB 413 An Act Concerning Private Security Services
• SB 414 An Act Concerning A LNG Terminal Hazard Zone
• SB 1017, An Act Shoreline Communities

“Anyone interested in further information regarding these bills – or about testifying or submitting written testimony regarding these bills – should call my legislative office at 1-800-842-1421. Those with internet access can find more information on the General Assembly’s website at You can use the quick search function at the top of the page by just entering the bill number,” said Senator Fasano.