Senator Fasano Joins Senate Republican Leadership In Calling For Suspension Of Energy Tax

December 19, 2006

Senator Len Fasano, R-North Haven, today joined Senate Republican Leadership in calling for an immediate suspension of the Public Service Company (PSC) Tax on gas and electric bills as a way to provide much-needed immediate relief for Connecticut ratepayers.

“If the General Assembly opens the 2007 Legislative Session by suspending the PSC Tax through June 2007, Connecticut’s businesses and families will save almost $100 million on their utility bills. Granted, Connecticut desperately needs a long-term energy policy, and I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to implement one. Meanwhile, this is something we can, and must, do to provide immediate relief,” said Senator Fasano.

Senator Fasano pointed out that Connecticut will have the highest electricity rates in the continental United States when rate increases for Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating take effect in January.

“Last year, Republican Senators supported Governor Rell’s proposal to permanently cut the PSC Tax by 25 percent, but the Democrat majority didn’t want to do it. As I see it, costs to Connecticut consumers have now escalated to the point that the only responsible thing to do is to suspend the entire tax for the first six months of the year. That will give the General Assembly time to come up with a workable, meaningful way to provide long term relief,” said Senator Fasano.

Senator Fasano warned that failing to take action to provide immediate relief to Connecticut’s ratepayers will have a crippling effect on the state’s economy.

“Businesses and families can afford to pay only so much of their income and earnings in utility costs. It’s an important expense, but not the only expense they have. The situation is already dire. In my opinion, we cannot act quickly enough to come up with both short-term relief, and a long-term strategy for controlling energy costs,” said Senator Fasano.