November 20, 2006

State Rep. Tom Drew (D-Fairfield) and Sen. John McKinney (R-Fairfield) again stated their opposition to the proposed utility bridges for Ash Creek, Mill River and Sasco Creek in Fairfield at the Department of Environmental Protection hearing at Bridgeport’s City Hall on November 13th.

Rep. Drew said, “The electric companies are not proposing these utility bridges because it’s the best idea. Instead, they are proposing this because is easiest for them. The goal should not be what’s most expedient for the electric company, but what’s best for the public. It appears that the electric company made a mistake in their plan, and I don’t see a reason for the public to suffer the consequences.”

“When I met with the Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection several weeks ago, I noticed a common understanding about this situation needing an alternative solution. I am hopeful that all interested parties including the governor, state and local officials, the commissioners, as well as CL&P will come together and find a better, though likely imperfect solution to this extremely serious problem,” Rep. Drew stated. “Approving these utility bridges would be a huge mistake that will be regretted for generations to come,” Drew said.

“Clearly, constructing utility bridges over the Sasco Creek, Mill River and Ash Creek is not a workable solution. It may be possible to attach cables to some existing DOT bridges, and that is worth looking at. What I believe needs to happen next is for all of the parties involved – DOT, DEP and CL&P – to work together to come up with a solution for extending the cables across the water in a manner that protects the environment and serves the public interest,” said Senator John McKinney (R-Fairfield).

“It is clear that the people in our community have organized their voice against this project and we are now looking to government decision makers to respond and find a workable compromise. We are simply asking government officials to find more meaningful solutions to extending the cables over the water,” State Representative-Elect Kim Fawcett said.