Senator Fasano Pleased with Federal Money for North Haven Stop and Shop Workers

June 19, 2006

State Senator Len Fasano was pleased with the announcement earlier today that Connecticut had been awarded $550,156 from the federal government to help provide job services for the approximately 250 workers who were displaced from North Haven’s Stop and Shop Distribution Center. The grant was made possible by the U.S. Department of Labor and was part of the federal Workforce Investment Act.

“I am very pleased that the federal government has come through and provided this important job training money for the hard working men and women who had their jobs stripped away rather suddenly,” said Senator Fasano. “This certainly means a lot to these people, who through no fault of their own, lost their jobs due to the Stop and Shop deciding to close its North Haven Distribution Center.”

“We need to do everything possible to see that these workers are given the necessary skills and training to continue to provide for themselves and their families, and this significant funding is an important step in that direction.”

Training will focus on areas with the greatest number of employment openings available and other industries experiencing high growth and high demand. Services may include skills assessment, individual counseling, case management, job readiness training and occupational training.

Senator Fasano is a Minority Leader and represents the communities of East Haven, North Haven, and Wallingford.