Scribner and Roraback: Route 7 Bypass Obstacle Solved

April 20, 2006

Legislators Expect Progress to Proceed Quickly After Critical DEP Approval

HARTFORD- State Representative David Scribner and State Senator Andrew Roraback today announced that the most significant obstacle to the Route 7 bypass project appears to have finally been lifted. The State Department of Environmental Protection, in a notice issued this week, granted tentative approval to the project pending a public hearing.

The proposed four lane freeway, which would reduce traffic congestion in Brookfield on Route 7, would provide a quicker commute between Danbury and New Milford. Alleviated traffic flow through Brookfield would allow the town to develop its center at the Four Corners area into a more community-oriented area, potentially including new restaurants and other shops.

“Finally overcoming the last critical obstacle to this project is great news,” said Representative Scribner, who was worked tirelessly to advance the project since his election in 1999. “This will finally cut down on the serious traffic congestion we experience in Brookfield, and allow for the Four Corners village development which will add so much to the character of Brookfield.”

“I am very grateful that the DEP has given a green light to this critical project,” said Senator Roraback. “It is clear that Governor Rell’s ongoing focus on completing this highway has had a positive impact.”

During the fifteen year history of the proposed project, it was most recently held up by environmental concerns as the bypass would cut through wetlands. The Department of Transportation has made provisions in its design to accommodate for the environmental concerns. Construction on the bypass could begin on the project next spring, following the required public hearing process.