LNG Task Force Files Safety Consideration Advisory Report with FERC

March 3, 2006

On behalf of the Task Force investigating the potential impact on Connecticut of Broadwater Energy’s proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Unit in Long Island Sound, Connecticut’s State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has filed an LNG Terminal Safety Consideration Advisory Report with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). State Senators Len Fasano (R-North Haven) and Andrea Stillman (D-Waterford), who serve as Chairmen of the Long Island Sound LNG Task Force, stated that this filing fulfills Section 3A of the Federal Natural Gas Act, which requires that Connecticut provide such a report within 30 days of Broadwater Energy filing its application to FERC.

The advisory reported provides a detailed list of issues that FERC will need to consider in reviewing the Broadwater project. Included among the issue are facility’s potential impact on other surface vessel’s safety and security, on the Long Island Sound marine environment, and on possible terrorist attacks.

“This report is designed to do much more than simply comply with the federal requirement. The Task Force wants FERC to be fully informed on the nature and extent of the variety of safety and other substantial issues related to the Broadwater Project that could have an impact on Connecticut and its citizens,” said Senator Fasano. “I would like to thank Attorney General Blumenthal for his assistance in helping to prepare and file this report on behalf of the Task Force members.”

“Federal regulators must be shown that Connecticut is united while insisting that all safety and security issues related to the Broadwater LNG terminal proposal be fully and publicly aired to ensure every contingency is considered,” Senator Stillman said. “Along the lines of a standard cost/benefit analysis, these safety issues must be explored as part of an essential risk/benefit analysis before any determination is made to go forward or not.”

“This report prevents FERC from ducking key questions concerning health and safety, and will show how truly dangerous and damaging this monstrous project will be,” Attorney General Blumenthal said. “Broadwater will be located entirely in New York – but its impacts will extend broadly and deeply into Connecticut. Our advisory report forces FERC to produce critical information about this massive project – information about Broadwater’s impact on safety, security, shipping and the environment.”