Gov. Rell, Rep. Bacchiochi, Sen. Guglielmo: $250,000 Grant Okayed for Stafford Recreation Projects

March 31, 2006

The state Bond Commission has approved a $250,000 grant for recreation projects in Stafford, Governor M. Jodi Rell, state Representative Penny Bacchiochi, R-52nd District, and state Senator Anthony Guglielmo, R-35th District, said today.

The Bond Commission approved the funding at its monthly meeting (Friday, March 31st) today. The grant will be used for renovations to existing recreational facilities and possible construction of new ones.
“This money will be used for key renovations to Stafford recreational facilities,” Governor Rell said. “It is a pleasure to announce these funds, and I thank the Stafford delegation for their advocacy on behalf of the town.”

“It is exciting to work as a team with Governor Rell, Senator Guglielmo and First Selectman Allen Bacchiochi. Stafford’s recreational facilities need a complete overhaul. The renovations to town recreational facilities this grant will make possible will benefit all Stafford residents – especially our children – for years to come,” Representative Bacchiochi said.

“Over the last decade the state has made a very large investment into the preservation of open space. One of the main purposes of open space is for people to use that land for recreation. This funding is very good news for our town in that it will go towards the renovation and construction of areas that will be used specifically for recreation,” said Senator Guglielmo. “Having safe, well maintained recreational facilities is a very important part of any community, and sometimes that is overlooked. So I am very pleased that we are able to move this forward.”

Representative Bacchiochi said she has discussed several possible recreation projects with Stafford officials, including: improvements to town ball fields such as the installation of lights, bleachers, scoreboards and rest facilities, and construction of a multipurpose nature trail system to and from Olympic field to the Middle School campus and down toward the new Stafford Elementary School and public library.

The trail would be used for walking, jogging, biking and hiking. It would connect the sporting community from Olympic Field and the downtown community from Brandon Street to our schools and libraries. The project would include about two miles of cleared trails and the construction of walking surfaces, Representative Bacchiochi said.