Sen. Fasano Requesting Attorney General to Investigate Sharp Hikes in Gasoline Prices

September 1, 2005

State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today sent a letter to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal requesting that he look into whether or not gasoline stations in Connecticut are artificially increasing their prices. Specifically, Senator Fasano would like the Attorney General to determine if stations are currently selling the same exact gasoline they sold on Monday for significantly higher prices.

“Gas stations across the state have storage tanks and therefore most likely purchased the gasoline they are currently selling for approximately $3.00 a gallon earlier this week. Yet that very same gasoline was selling for only around $2.50 per gallon two days ago,” said Senator Fasano. “It seems difficult to believe that Hurricane Katrina disrupted or caused an increase in their cost in less than a twenty four hour period, and I am hopeful that if any price gauging is taking place, the Attorney General will investigate.”
Senator Fasano is a Minority Leader serving his second term representing the 34 th district communities of East Haven, North Haven, and Wallingford.