Senator Fasano Criticizes Democrats’ Budget Proposal

April 18, 2005

State Senator Len Fasano (R-East Haven) today criticized the Democrat-driven budget proposal that passed out of the Appropriations Committee. Senator Fasano, who serves on the Committee and joined sixteen others in voting against the bill, was disappointed that the budget went $434 million over the constitutional spending cap especially considering the deficit the state is facing. He noted that this proposal was loaded with irresponsible choices and unnecessary hikes in spending.

“This budget demonstrates absolutely no fiscal restraint or responsibility as virtually every line item received an increase over last year,” according to Senator Fasano. “All told, it increases spending by an incredible $1.885 billion over the next two fiscal years, which represents a 13% increase. This spending is simply out of control and will only hurt Connecticut taxpayers now and in the long run.”

“The spending cap was put in place for a reason – to keep government spending in check. However, it is clear by today’s vote that some legislators simply have no regard for these guidelines,” continued Senator Fasano. “Excessive spending has serious consequences as it will require $1.132 billion in new revenue over the biennium. That means increased taxes for most of Connecticut residents. There is no reason that millions of Connecticut taxpayers should have to pay for a few legislators’ inability to prioritize and spend state money responsibly.”

Senator Fasano also pointed out several instances of irresponsible spending in this budget.

“This budget spends $800,000 over the next two years for the New Haven Coliseum, a facility that has been closed down for three years!”added Senator Fasano. “The bill also would add over 28 new government jobs in FY 06, with the potential of 63 within two years. With an expanding deficit, we should be in the process of shrinking government and reducing government spending. This is complete mismanagement of our state’s finances and totally irresponsible.”

Senator Fasano is serving his second term representing East Haven, North Haven, and Wallingford. In addition to the Appropriations Committee, he serves on the Judiciary Committee and the Program Review and Investigations Committee and is the Ranking Member on the Planning and Development Committee and the Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.