April 8, 2005

State Senator Len Fasano (R-East Haven), State Representative Mary Fritz (D-Wallingford), and legislators from Phase II towns blasted the Siting Council’s support the proposal to erect aboveground high voltage power lines from Norwalk to Middletown.

The Siting Council approved Phase II during its meeting Thursday.

“There are legitimate questions about the health effects of these lines,” Rep. Fritz said. “Until those questions are answered, it is irresponsible to allow this project to move forward. The lines should be buried or the project should be shelved.”

“Obviously, we’re extremely disappointed with the Siting Council’s decision. How they could depend on the findings of an organization recommended by the power companies is simply beyond me. Their impartiality has certainly been called into question with yesterday’s ruling,” said Senator Fasano. “More seriously, though, the Council acted with complete and total disregard for both the law and the health and safety of Connecticut residents.”

Rep. Fritz said, “The Siting Council abandoned the people of Connecticut. I do not understand how a public agency can turn its back on the most recent data on EMF’s. Connecticut residents should be outraged.”

“All we were asking for was a lawful and impartial judgment on the dangers of EMF’s, but for whatever reason the Siting Council sought every opportunity to avoid obtaining one,” continued Senator Fasano. “They had an obligation to the public health of the people of Connecticut and it is unfortunate that they shirked this responsibility.”
Phase II of the power line project is a 68-mile 345-kilovolt line running from Norwalk to Middletown. The General Assembly passed legislation last year that requires the use of underground high voltage lines whenever possible.