Broadwater Legislation Passes Planning and Development Committee

March 15, 2005

The General Assembly’s Planning and Development Committee today approved legislation that would give the State of Connecticut a greater say in construction of a 10-story liquid natural gas storage facility proposed for Long Island Sound. Senator Len Fasano (R-East Haven) is the Ranking Member of the Committee and one of the lead advocates of the legislation. Senate Bill 1087 An Act Establishing a Task Force to Monitor the Proposed Liquified Natural Gas Facility in Long Island Sound, was unanimously approved this afternoon.

“Long Island Sound belongs to Connecticut as much as it does New York, so it is only fair that our state be allowed to monitor all New York and federal proceedings pertaining to the project,” said Senator Fasano. “The number of health, public safety, and environmental concerns that could potentially arise from this project is astounding. The is a gigantic facility that is about the size of the Queen Mary II and there is real potential for accidents and damage both to the floor of the Sound and the species living there.”

TransCanada and Shell Oil have proposed the facility, which would sit approximately 10 miles off of the Connecticut coast and be the length of 10 football fields. The bill now moves onto the Environment Committee for additional approval.
Senator Fasano is an Assistant Minority Leader serving his second term representing East Haven, North Haven, and Wallingford.