Rep. Wasserman, Sen. McKinney Announce a $450,000 Low-Interest State Loan for Middle Gate School

December 13, 2004

State Rep. Julia B. Wasserman, R-106, and Sen. John McKinney, R-28, announced that the state Bond Commission today approved a $450,000 low-interest state loan to extend a water main so students at Middle Gate Elementary School can have clean drinking water.

The legislators noted that students have been required to drink bottled water, due to a history of bacteria found in the school water system.

Rep. Wasserman thanked Gov. M. Jodi Rell and the Bond Commission for approving the funds. “This is an extremely necessary project,” Rep. Wasserman said. “”It is a public health issue that needed to be addressed.”

Sen. McKinney said, “I thank Governor Rell for recognizing the importance of moving this project ahead as quickly as possible so the students at Middle Gate School can have access to a very basic necessity: clean drinking water. As a state we have spent the past several years addressing concerns with environmental standards in schools, but to have a situation like this right in your backyard truly makes the issue hit home.”