Senator McKinney Calls for Transportation Summit

November 1, 2004

State Senator John McKinney, R-Fairfield, today is calling upon federal, state and local officials along with business and commuter advocacy groups to come together before the start of the 2005 legislative session to address the transportation problems plaguing lower Fairfield County. According to Sen. McKinney, with the winter months approaching, the time for such a meeting could not be more urgent.

“During the course of this year’s campaign all candidates, regardless of political affiliation, have been talking about the transportation congestion in our region and the need to address the problem immediately,” said Sen. McKinney. “Once the election is over it is time for all of us to put aside partisanship to work together to implement long-term solutions that address the transportation problems in Fairfield County. During the next two weeks I will be contacting all federal officials, state and local representatives and advocacy groups to set up a transportation summit dedicated to improving transportation.”

“We all remember what happened last winter when up to nearly 40% of Metro-North’s rail car fleet was out of service during one month causing numerous headaches for commuters,” said Sen. McKinney. “We cannot go into these months again without having everyone come to the table. Transportation is the number one issue affecting the residents of Fairfield County and must be at the forefront of the agenda of the next legislative session.”
Sen. McKinney stressed that the only way progress can be made is if all parties can come together. “By having this summit right after the election and before the start of the legislative term it would remove a lot of the politics from an issue that needs to be addressed in a united manner.”