State Legislature Approves School Construction Package for North Haven

September 15, 2004

The state Senate and state House of Representatives on Monday passed legislation that approves a school construction project of over $67 million for North Haven High School. Monday’s bill authorizes the state to reimburse the town at the maximum allowable share, which is just under 34% of the total project. In addition, North Haven will also qualify for an additional 7.7% reimbursement, under a separate state program, for a total of 41.7%. North Haven, whose residents approved the project in referendum in June, will cover the remainder through bonds which should be at a favorable rate give the town’s excellent bond rating.

State Senator Len Fasano (R-34th) and State Representative Steve Fontana (D-87th) along with North Haven First Selectman Kevin Kopetz worked diligently together to ensure this funding was approved in the Monday’s bond package.

“In what was a tight budget year, to have this project approved by the General Assembly is fantastic news for the town of North Haven,” said Senator Fasano, who serves on the Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education. “The faculty, staff, and most importantly, the students of North Haven deserve the best facilities we can provide and this funding goes a long way towards providing that.”

Senator Fasano also added that the additional 7.7% reimbursement, which was not part of Monday’s package, is forthcoming; bringing the total the state will reimburse North Haven to over $28 million.

“Rep. Fontana and I met with officials from the Department of Education and they confirmed that North Haven High School met the qualifications and that we would be entitled to the additional reimbursement.”

“I’m very pleased to work with Sen. Fasano and the town’s administration to secure the state funds to build a new high school,” added Rep. Fontana. “It’s an important project for the town and this money will help keep the cost of building the high school as low as possible.”

First Selectman Kopetz echoed these thoughts.

“I, along with the people of North Haven, am very pleased to receive this grant as requested. It proves it was wise to move forward as quickly as we did in order for the project to be approved at the current reimbursement levels,” said First Selectman Kopetz. “I was pleased with the efforts of both Senator Fasano and Rep. Fontana who worked with me as well the Superintendent of Schools and the Building Committee to achieve this rate of reimbursement.”

This bill is voted on separately from the state budget package as money authorized for school construction is not counted against the state mandated spending cap.