Rep. Scribner & Sen. Roraback Announce Expected STEAP Funds For Brookfield

September 21, 2004

Representative David Scribner, R-Brookfield, and Senator Andrew Roraback, R-Goshen, today announced that the State Bond Commission is expected to approve a $500,000 Small Town Economic Assistance Program grant for the Town of Brookfield.

The State Bond Commission is expected to approve funding to make improvements to the town’s village center at its meeting on Thursday, September 23 rd .

The two legislators said this funding is important to the town’s village association, business leaders and property owners who have been working together to promote economic development in the village.

” All of us are grateful to Governor Rell for her longstanding support of our efforts. We have several great initiatives to benefit the village, including providing potable water and our commitment to the construction and completion of the Route 7 bypass. It is important to note that over the last year there has been a renewed sense of leadership and cooperation, and we want to express our gratitude to Governor Rell, First Selectman Jerry Murphy and all others on the state and local level who continue to work so hard on behalf of Brookfield,” said Representative Scribner.

“All of us owe a real debt of gratitude to Governor Rell for her support of this important economic development initiative. At long last, residents and merchants can look forward to an abundant supply of potable water to meet the demands of the community. I am delighted to have the state as a partner with the people of Brookfield in fashioning a workable solution to this longstanding problem,” said Senator Roraback.