Rep. Fritz and Senator Fasano Announce Funding for Ridgeland Apartments in Wallingford

September 24, 2004

State Representative Mary Fritz and State Senator Leonard Fasano announced today that they have received approval from the State Bond Commission for $672,000.00 to benefit the Ridgeland Apartments in Wallingford. This bonding money is earmarked to renovate the units at Ulbrich Heights solely and exclusively for the relocation of the residents of Ridgeland to Ulbrich. The money is limited based upon the number of Ridgeland families that move to Ulbrich. Both State Representative Fritz and State Senator Fasano want to thank Commissioner Abromaitis and his staff at the Department of Economic and Community Development for their help in securing the necessary bonding.

“This is a great resolution for the Ridgeland people. These residents should have had an opportunity to be heard and protected when Ridgeland was sold. This money will ensure that these people will have the same rights that the statute provides,” said State Representative Fritz.

“It does not matter who was right or who was wrong, what matters is that we have obtained money to correct a problem and to protect those residents of Ridgeland. This just further proves that through bi-partisan efforts, resolutions and results can be obtained,” says State Senator Leonard Fasano.

Ridgeland was sold by the Wallingford Housing Authority to a private developer who wanted to raise the rents and by the efforts of State Representative Fritz and State Senator Fasano the rents were held stable in order to reach a resolution. State Representative Fritz and State Senator Fasano continue to work with the parties to reach an amicable resolution.

For questions about this press release, please contact Representative Fritz at (203) 269-1169 or Senator Fasano at (203) 640-4176.