Senator Kissel Praises Governor Rell’s Decision to Return Inmates

August 25, 2004

State Senator John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, today had nothing but praise for Governor M. Jodi Rell following her announcement that all of Connecticut’s 428 inmates currently being held at the Greenville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia would return home by the end of this year. According to Sen. Kissel, today’s announcement is proof positive that efforts made to reduce prison overcrowding in Connecticut are working.

“Today’s announcement means that the flawed experiment of sending prisoners out of state is rightfully coming to an end,” said Sen. Kissel. “I cannot commend Governor Rell enough for making this decision at this time.”

According to Sen. Kissel the benefits of returning prisoners back to Connecticut are numerous. “From a humanitarian standpoint, sending prisoners out of state was bad public policy. From an outsourcing standpoint where our tax dollars were being sent out of state, it was bad public policy. From the standpoint of the vast potential liability of having prisoners out of state, it was simply bad public policy,” said Sen. Kissel. “Bringing the 428 inmates back to Connecticut is good public policy.”

Senator Kissel, who serves as Ranking Senator of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, was a major sponsor of legislation passed this year to reduce prison overcrowding in Connecticut. Sen. Kissel believes that through the efforts of the legislature and officials from the Department of Corrections, especially Commissioner Theresa C. Lantz, the state’s prison population has been reduced to a number that makes it possible for these inmates to be brought back to Connecticut.

“I am so very pleased with this news,” said Sen. Kissel. “This is an issue that many of us have been fighting for. This is a great decision one that will provide numerous benefits for not only the areas of Connecticut that are home to correctional facilities and their very professional staff, but for the state as a whole.”